Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am thinking about turning this blog into a Scrap blog....what do you think?

The family website is a bit crowded...

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have been away...

Creating a new website.....

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh, the places you won't go

Have you wondered where I have been?
Have you missed me?
Did you even notice I was gone?

Well, I am on a little (add sarcasm here )adventure and I can't seem to get off it. My adventure started last Saturday night when my family packed our bags for El Paso. I was excited to see our families in El Paso, considering it had been since Christmas. I had a great plan of staying until Thursday and then returning back to Houston for some fun. Well after 7.5 hours of trying to catch flights at the airport on 2 different airlines, I called it a day...well actually I called it a weekend.

Here is the story:
My husband is a pilot. One of the benefits of this lifestyle is the ability to fly on his airline for a mere $12.50 or on other airlines for a small fee or 10% of the ticketed price. Sounds fab, doesn't it? It is most of the time. But, we fly standby---which means if they have an open seat and no revenue passenger standing by for it, then they will give it to us. Holidays are a nightmare for standby travel and apparently Spring Break falls in that category as well. Usually bad weather, such as the fog Houston has been having, help out a standby passenger because the revenue passengers miss connections and get put on other airlines. But, if a flight cancels, then people like me become pond scum (the lowest of the low on the who's getting on the flight list). You see, when a flight cancels, they have all these revenue passengers to take care of. They are not going to be able to fit a non-revenue being on. So:

Spring Break + Flight Cancellation = Forget it you're not going!

So, I turned to Southwest Airlines. I had no better luck there. I thought I was going to cry if I heard Kiera say one more time, "Mommy I want to get on THAT airplane!" I kept telling her, "Me too!"

It then became clear that not only were we not going home that particular day, ALL the flights were full ALL weekend. When we finally called it a day, I told her we were going back to Grandma and Papa's house and we would get back on a plane another day. She said OK and we began the long walk down the terminal to the exit. When we reached the door out of the terminal, she said in her sweet little voice, "Mommy, are we going to El Paso again?" All I could say is, "Yes, baby we are!" :(

I have learned some valuable lessons from my misadventure:

*Never fly standby on a holiday or Spring Break again. Plane tickets are NOT that expensive.

*I have the best 2 year old in the world. Seriously, what toddler endures 7.5 hours in a small airport and doesn't whine or cry? Only mine and a few M&Ms.

*When you miss your first standby flight, ask the attendent to make sure your luggage doesn't go without you (in case you have to stay five more days.) Yep, mine went on the first flight, so Kiera and I got some new clothes!

*Sometimes being a pilot's wife isn't all it's cracked up to be.

*Never ever be afraid to ask someone if you can plug into his computer for a phone charge, but first make sure you have nothing on your phone to be embarrassed by. Yep, had to do this and the nice man saw ALL my pictures and info. Good thing I am not into porn.

*Always buy a bag of M&Ms when traveling with a toddler and be prepared to dole them out 5 at a time throughout the day.

*Never ever cry when a plane leaves the gate without you....there will always be another chance another day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Through their eyes.....

It is so easy to forget that we have to teach them everything and I do mean EVERYTHING. As you know, Kiera is a little over 2. She has a full vocabulary and conveys her thoughts quite well and quite often! She seems so well versed in life, that I sometimes forget there are things she doesn't understand. Like an umbrella, for example.

Today, we needed to take something to my neighbor, Chris, across the street. Well, I waited and waited for rain to subside, but finally gave up and pulled out the umbrellas. Little did I know this would be quite an adventure and forever a memory etched in my heart!

I grab Kiera's shoes and two small black umbrellas. I ask Kiera to sit on the stairs and thus begins our conversation:

Kiera: Mommy, what are those?
Me: Umbrellas, baby. It's raining and we are going to Chris'.
Kiera: I need one for yourself (translated to I need one for myself)
Me: Ok.
So I then open the umbrella...

Kiera: Whoa (said in three syllables like whhho ooo ooohh) , that is big. Is it heaby? (heavy)
Me: No, try it
A little unsure, she grabs it and says: Look at my hat.

I chuckle to myself and realize this child has never really experienced an umbrella. So the story continues:

As I get my shoes on, Kiera walks around my house looking like this:
She can't see anything. She is bumping into every wall and door. So much so that she is actually lowering the umbrella unvoluntarily because each spoke is being bumped, but she is having the time of her life. What kind of mother would I be to take it away or actually teach her to hold it up. She is learning, right?

Really, you should know I am dying laughing and running for the camera all the while trying not to cause such a stir as for her to actually *look* and see what is going on!

So, then we step outside and the conversation continues:

Me: Come on Kiera, let's go.
Kiera: Mommy, no. I don't wanna get wet!

and so she puts on her brakes and will not take another step!

Turns out she had no idea what the heck an umbrella was for!!!

Week In Review

Mar 5
Giddy Up Cowgirl!
Mar 6
Put Together Party
Before each shower for CCM, we have a put together party where we put together the baskets. Unfortunately, no one could come...so it was Kevin and me. Here is Kevin being such a good trooper:
Mar 7
CCM shower
I just love this picture because it shows 3 of the 5 girls we showered, plus the translator kneeling to help the girls understand the game and then the sweetest little girl who is about to be the big sister of TRIPLETS!!!

Mar 8
Kiera and Big Baby dress up the same for church!
Thanks Aunt Wanda for the dresses!
*Big baby is the doll's name, not Kevins! tee hee hee

Mar 9
Nothing of any interest happened this day, so please meet
Boo Boo Bunny
He is the cutest little bunny that surrounds a plastic ice cube. Kiera has to have him quite often these days.
Thanks Granny for Boo Boo Bunny!
Mar 10
A truly rare sight indeed.
Kiera actually fell asleep at school. I can count on one hand how many times that has happened. She chooses to rest, not nap.
I look at this picture and wonder why I spend the big bucks on the nap mat when she prefers the floor and why doll makers even bother with clothes....
Mar 11
Crafty card day
This one was my favorite:

And that's a wrap...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday, I spent my evening making cards. I would like to share my creations with you!

Card #1
Blogger would not turn this pick around.
Imagine Spring running vertically up the left side.
Both flower and Spring are three dimensional: This picture is to show you that the top layer is acryllic
(which is all the rage in the paper crafting world:)

Card #2
Agian, using the acryllic:

You would just write your note on the back to be viewed through the acryllic:

Card #3
No acryllic, just a cute little Cricut bunny peeking his head out:

Card #4:
Acryllic with no dimension:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Genie, where are you?

How can a stay at home mom need a secretary, a maid, and a chauffeur? I have been asking myself that question lately. I feel so busy all the time and I am desperately trying to find the balance in life. I could use a secretary to help me keep up my calendar and send me daily reminders of what needs to be done. Also my secretary could help out with the CCM stuff and write a few blog entries.
Unfortunately, I just have this:
Fancy, huh?
This is my new invention after talking to my good friend, Staci! I asked her how she gets everything done and she said she makes a to-do list every morning. Brilliant, I tell ya! I thought this was a great idea! I decided to call mine the Top 5! Each day, I will list five things I want to get done in no particular order. I know I will get more than that done because remember, I have no secretary, maid or chauffeur ;)
So I started today and am happy to report that I am on the 3rd thing on my list and it is just after noon! I have been home over two years now and can sadly say that I am busier now that I ever was working. Of course, this mainly has to do with Kiera, but when you don't have a SET schedule, you tend to take too much on and become overwhelmed. Also, when you spend the majority of your time at home you have to cook and clean more.
Oh Genie, is it too late to add personal chef to my list???
Second wish = a maid.
All of you dear readers know why a maid would be helpful.
For now, this will do:
Since I have taught her to clean toilets (without playing in the bubbles she makes....YUCK!)
I have also taught her to:
put away the silverware
throw away her trash after a meal (but not the plate ;)
put (or throw!)her cup in the dishwasher
clean up anything on the floor (including kitty barf---yep, go me!!!)
throw away dirty diapers
clean windows
clean up her toys and books
Now if she could FOLD the laundry instead of UNFOLD the laundry, I might start paying her!
Onto my next wish. Might as well have three since that is what a genie would give me if I could just find that magic lamp! Anyway, I would love a chauffeur. You see, I hate driving in Houston. The traffic is relentless and the drivers are impatient. The two together equals disaster! I could get so much done while we driving to and fro.
But for now, he will do:
I know what you are probably thinking.... what does Kevin and Kiera have to do with chauffeuring? Well, you are looking at my chauffeur in the above picture. He does drive me around when he is home. But, he is better than a chauffeur....he is also a great daddy! I mean what kind of man would spend his Saturday night teaching his 2 year old to ice skate? All the while, dodging hormone raged teenager on the ice and ignoring his screaming back muscles as he takes her around the rink one more time slumped over holding her hands!
He is simply amazing!
So, as I sit and peek a glimpse at life with tons of help, I remember why I am so busy and why I have no professional help:

All because of this little ball of sweetness! I would give up so much more in order to stay home and raise her. Even if I feel like I am juggling all the balls of life and occasionally dropping one here and there, the reason is always clear...I don't need my own chauffeur, maid, or secretary...
I am a MOM!
Genie, can I change my wishes to:
perfect body
perfect health
a log cabin in the mountains?